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Project Share Day 4: #worldphotographyday

Project Share Day 4: #worldphotographyday Photography is a hobby and love of mine. It started early and flourished at Ithaca College. I was a photo major plain and simple. I took Intro to Photo w/Steve Skopik Freshman year and I was hooked. I love entering the darkroom. I am sucked into the lab by the energy of the other students and professors. The smell of ... Read more

Project Share Day 3: HOCKEY, hockey, hockey

Project Share Day 3: HOCKEY, hockey, hockey I was fortunate to meet my good friend Lauren in 1997, my first year living in Los Angeles. She introduced me (and enhanced) many of my favorite pursuits (wine & sushi at the top)... and HOCKEY! Her teams: Red Wings & Capitals (home town); Me: NJ Devils I was in my 20s and I watched hockey before (I even made it ... Read more

Project Share Day 2: Throwing my hat over the wall

Project Share Day 2: Throwing my hat over the wall In November 2013, I was helping a friend at a NYC City Bar (Law) event, when Ann Jenrette-Thomas walks up to the table and we start talking. She asks if I would write a chapter for the book she is editing "The Happy Law Practice". I've never written a book before, I'm the photo girl, ... Read more

Project Share Day 1: where it all began

            Project Share Day 1: where it all began I'm in a leadership course and my friend Kim Gross issued a challenge. A 30-day sharing challenge and I except. And actually I posted 40 days. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment on what's coming up for you when you read them. Today post #1: My very first memory as a human being was ... Read more

Tip of the Month: One of my favorite supplies – the pouch

This month my Organizing Tip includes one of my favorite supplies: the small micro mesh pouch from The Container Store. You can find these in the travel section... or any pouch that you like. I have many (in multiple colors, of course) and I use them frequently. I keep them in my purse. I have one that holds "first-aid supplies", one that holds makeup and other girly ... Read more

Tip of the Month: Donating

My Organizing Tip of the month is to create a donation box (or bin, bags, etc). Keep this donation box in a centrally located area in your home so every family member can participate. As it is a new season, it's time to look into your closets and decide what is staying and what needs to go. If it's a summer article and has run the course of ... Read more

March Madness…

It's March Madness...   March, I can't believe that it's March already! We are at the end of Quarter 1 of the year, and here in NYC we are experiencing gorgeous weather. This is the month to close up projects from the last 2 months and start planning for Quarter 2 (April-June) of the year if you haven't already started. It's time to sit down, pull ... Read more

Tip of the Month: Files

My Organizing Tip of the Month is to create new files for 2016. I love talking about my filing techniques. These are my files from 2015 and I'm currently creating new folders for 2016 so I can start filing my new receipts and paperwork. I make hanging files for the general categories and additional files folders for the more specific items. I use a simple black portable ... Read more

January 2016. Let’s play!

It's January. It's officially National "GO" Month (Get Organized). Getting organized is not just about the physical belongings that you own, it's also includes a mental, emotional, and psychological cleanse. This is what I've realized over the past year. Who I am now is not who I was two years ago. I am also not the same person who I was a year ago or 6 months ... Read more


It's all about the calendar this month. December is a busy month so planning ahead and using your calendar is so important (to your sanity and well as your success!) The holidays have started and new meetings and parties are being added (for yourself and/or your family).     Take 15-30 minutes this week to organize your calendar. You can even create a new calendar just for the holiday ... Read more
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