It’s January. It’s officially National “GO” Month (Get Organized). Getting organized is not just about the physical belongings that you own, it’s also includes a mental, emotional, and psychological cleanse. This is what I’ve realized over the past year.

Who I am now is not who I was two years ago. I am also not the same person who I was a year ago or 6 months ago. In December 2014, I was in Thailand with entrepreneurial friends. I learned many lessons about life and myself during my trip (and trips since). It really started a place of awakening for me unlike any other wakening that I had seen prior. Being able to take new risks and experience new adventures in a different mindset then I had experience before was amazing. Giving myself the freedom to just explore and not judge and just be present was a gift. This was the same mindset that I fostered throughout my 2015 journey. 

As I embark on a new year, it’s a time for us for me to give thanks, to be grateful, and express gratitude for this past year. When I started out 2015, I set out to explore and I created four core desires: I am generous, I am present, I’m inspired, and I am nourished (body, mind, soul). FUN was my mission. On New Year’s Eve 2014/15 I create my first vision board and declared my intent for the year. Many new adventures and amazing possibilities were created.

In the summer, I explored several new opportunities that enriched my life, including Landmark coaching. I went to Houston for a workshop and took the opportunity to break a board (split it in half). It was an electric feeling of knowing that I needed a breakthrough and just walked up to the board without hesitation and said “I got this” and pow, it was over in a flash. I’ve met wonderful new people and continued my year of growth and transformation.










Many of you have seen photos on Facebook from my recent trip to Hawaii (in November). 19 sister goddesses during the rain season on a very powerful island ruled by Hawaiian Goddess Pele. Everyday had a lesson and many gifts were presented, including snorkeling for the first time and swimming with wild dolphins. I am truly waking up to my spiritual healing and powers. Ask the universe what you want and you will get what you need.

The biggest gift I can share from 2015, which I will continue to practice, is that everything and anything we want from our lives is possible. We just have to believe, ask for what we need, and embrace how it shows up (and not be attached to the outcome). Be present in every moment and believe in ourselves. 

I know this all might seem a bit mystical (or woo-woo) to some of you; and you are also wondering how does this relate to organizing. It’s all a part of “a simplified life” … A simplified life is a more present life. This shows up by being selective of the joy around us in our memories, in our possessions, and of those we choose to hang out with in our lives; By being selective with the stuff in our lives from the past and even that which we might need in the future around our home. It’s a breakthrough in realizing that the past doesn’t dictate WHO we are now and what our future will be. The only thing we have now is the NOW.

So I am simplifying my life which I base my work on by simplifying my belongings, my time, my thoughts, my energy and by being present to what’s happening right now in my life. 

You can do the same. When you pick up an item in your home and you realize it’s not functional or it doesn’t bringing you joy, it’s clutter. It’s time to find a new home for these items either by donating, selling, gifting, or trashing. Break free from what is weighing you down and be present with your life and where you are right now.

Again, I am not the person I was 6 months ago. I’m not the person I was a year ago. I am not the person I was 10 years ago. I need to know myself for who I am now and introduce that person to the world. My intention for 2016 is to be bold and be brave; To be powerful from the inside out. And to enjoy all the pleasures I seek in life.

What are your intentions?

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