google_calendar_for_netbooksIt’s all about the calendar this month. December is a busy month so planning ahead and using your calendar is so important (to your sanity and well as your success!)

The holidays have started and new meetings and parties are being added (for yourself and/or your family).



Take 15-30 minutes this week to organize your calendar. You can even create a new calendar just for the holiday season.

Add new recurring meetings
Update appointments
Coordinate activities with your family or co-workers
Color-code each family members’ schedule
Add in dally exercise or health regimens

I use Google for my calendar. I have a separate calendar for my work, my organizing business, a personal calendar, and a family calendar (for my parents important appointments). I color-code this calendars to make viewing easier. This way if I only want to see my business calendar appointments, I can. All the calendars feed into 1 place so you view everyone’s calendar together. Google consolidates schedules and new meetings into 1 main view, making you more productive throughout the day, week, month.

Get your Google calendar here.

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