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Simple Tricks to a Perfectly Organized Home Office by Sofia Lewis

As freelancing and self – employment are becoming more popular in the recent decades, working at home is not something unusual. In the comfort of our living space, some of us might get a little bit chaotic. Nobody can see the huge pile of mess on your desk and you don’t feel guilty about being disorganized. Eventually, the clutter can negatively affect your productivity. ... Read more

My interview with Terrys Blinds UK

Hello! I had a great time thinking of these words for my interview with TerrysBlinds UK and I'm so excited to share with you my insights. Please share and take a look at all of TerrysBlinds blog here. Click here or on the photo below to get to the interview... thanks~! Courtesy of: Terrys Blinds UK Read more

Welcome to National Get Organized (“GO”) Month

A very happy New Year to you. And welcome to National Get Organized ("GO") Month. January has been dubbed the month to promote the benefits of organizing amongst my NAPO colleagues. (National Association of Professional Organizers) It's a virtual video newsletter this month. Click on the photo (or here) to watch! I think it's the best time to reflect on the accomplishments from 2014, and create goals for 2015 ... Read more

4 Steps to Eliminate the Instant NOW, NOW, NOW Email Behavior

In 1999, the average person received more information on a daily basis than the average person received in a lifetime in 1900. Can you imagine what that is like nowadays?   I don’t know about you, but I get stressed out when I have too many emails in my inbox. I sit in front of my computer, iPad, or iPhone and read as many as ... Read more

7 Organization Tips for Busy Mothers by Sofia Lewis

            Being a mother is undoubtedly the most difficult job in the world. Let’s be honest – nothing else requires as much planning, careful time management and organizational skills, all of which amount to little less than a superhero status. Work, home and children all create a Bermuda triangle that one must carefully navigate, else she sinks to the bottom. To help you in this ... Read more

A Simplified Approach to Networking

We live in a busy, busy world in the era of information overload. We have many commitments throughout the day (and week) that make scheduling our time super important. We need a plan for our work-week and that includes making the most of the networking events we attend. How many networking events do you attend each week, each month? Do you have a plan (of attack) ... Read more

Happy October and Happy Fall.

  Happy October and Happy Fall. This is one of my favorite times of the year! I love the Northeast foliage. For Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) my family likes to go apple picking and this year was no exception. We headed out to Warwick, New York and spent a beautiful sunny day picking apples, chatting, and visiting Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery. This time of year reminds us ... Read more

The Most Effective Organizing Tip: The Fast 15!

15 minutes! That's all it takes. I often talk about The Fast 15! because consistency and routine build habits. Keeping up with the systems you create is the key ingredient to productivity success. The upkeep (or maintenance) will help you get more done on a daily basis. Here's how to start... Schedule a daily time for the maintenance and add these appointments directly into your digital or paper calendar. When an ... Read more

3 Rules of Organization for College

I am so happy to introduce you to my guest blogger this month: Morgan Gatzemeyer. Morgan is from central New Jersey and currently a student at Ithaca College.  She is an Integrated Marketing Communications major and Italian minor. On-campus, Morgan is the Communications Chair for Habitat for Humanity where she designs and promotes on-campus events and activities. Morgan loves being active and staying in shape ... Read more

How to Make Working From Home A Success

Working at home can give a lot of adaptability. You have the choice of working based on your mood, and in the event that you have kids, you can plan your work around their exercises. Unfortunately, working at home can likewise be a test: how to compose your time, distractions, flow, etc… In the event that you need to effectively work from home, you need ... Read more
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