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Being a mother is undoubtedly the most difficult job in the world. Let’s be honest – nothing else requires as much planning, careful time management and organizational skills, all of which amount to little less than a superhero status. Work, home and children all create a Bermuda triangle that one must carefully navigate, else she sinks to the bottom.

To help you in this task you will often times require not only outside help, but a set of useful suggestions and tips that are foolproof and can make your life a whole lot easier. Here are some of them:

1.     Schedule your activities – schedule and plan, and then plan and schedule some more. Having a good routine to stick to can mean the difference between effective time-management and late showing at an important meeting or your kid’s sport activity. This is especially the case with working moms, who have a busy job and one or more kids that require attention. By carefully planning your week in advance, you can manage your time effectively and efficiently and you will find more time for tasks. Every minute you spend planning can save you at least 10 when it comes to actually doing your chores and duties as a working mom.

2.     To-do list – other than a schedule, you should make a to-do list. Having a good number of places to attend and a lot of things to do at the office, house, school and wherever else your presence and undivided attention is required can mean one thing – chaos. In order to avoid it, write the things in your to-do list, but leave place for corrections and additions – there is no chance you know in advance everything that needs to be done. There will be surprises for sure.

3.     Mornings – experts agree that a busy person (and moms are twice as busy) should devote special attention to their mornings. Having a good start of the day can make a huge difference in how you feel and how you spend the rest of the day. Make sure you get up an hour early to prepare the kids for school and yourself for work, have a healthy meal and you will feel soon feel the benefits.

4.     Get people to help – just because you are a supermom doesn’t mean it should all fall on you. Work around the house and office can be delegated when possible. For example, your husband could be a little more active in taking care of chores inside the house, while an assistant can take care of good portion of workload off your shoulders.

5.     Juggle carefully with work/family – your family is important and so is your current job. A happy mom is the one that can balance between the two. You don’t want to neglect your duties at home, just as you never want to fall behind on your work.

6.     System for tackling housework – now when it comes to housework, it can be nearly impossible to find the time or the energy for that matter to take care of your home. This includes cleaning, doing the dishes and so on. It can be hard enough doing this on weekends, and not possible on workdays. What you can consider is hiring a professional cleaning company to help. Alternatively, you can establish a system. For example, you can have dedicated time for cleaning dishes, if that is something you need to do, you can vacuum on Sundays and dust the house on Saturdays. This can help you organize your time better.

7.     Consider “day-offs” – you are going to need rest. And then some more. Consider day-offs that you can devote entirely to yourself. This is one decision you will be truly thankful for.

The life of a working mother can be tough like nothing else in the world. Keep your head high and do everything you can to ease the chaos that surrounds it. It is challenges like these that can shape you into a better person.

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Sofia Lewis is a passionate article writer and blogger from the UK. She is inspired by home improvement projects and writes mainly about cleaning, organizing, home remodeling and other home related topicsYou can read more of her tips here: London Carpet Cleaning.

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