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IMG_5193As freelancing and self – employment are becoming more popular in the recent decades, working at home is not something unusual. In the comfort of our living space, some of us might get a little bit chaotic. Nobody can see the huge pile of mess on your desk and you don’t feel guilty about being disorganized. Eventually, the clutter can negatively affect your productivity. Create an effective home office by using simple tips with huge impact. All you need is a couple of storage solutions and a creative attitude.


Create a Layout

The key to the efficient working space is having a clear layout. It will not only make the area feel tidier, but it will also help you preserve it that way for long time. You don’t need a huge space. With a good plan you can make the most of your environment. Set a working area, as well as a place for office supplies. When you have separate zones, you will have no excuse to just throw things wherever you can.


Short On Space Ideas

If you set your home office in a relatively small room, you can take advantage of the vertical space. Floor – to – ceiling shelves are great storage options. Open cabinetry are convenient as everything is at close reach. Put things that you use on a daily – basis. The best way to manage limited space is by working with what you already have. For instance, you can enlarge your desk area by pulling together your regular counter to a console table to create a comfortable corner desk.


Attention to the Storage

Even if you have the best storage solutions, you will not be able to manage the mess without a certain system. Arrange your office according to the frequency of usage. In this way you will not need to make your way through a huge pile of stuff only to reach a certain object. You should have the same approach with your equipment.  Don’t let items that you don’t use as often to cut your access to the essentials.


Proper Furniture

Multipurpose and flexible furniture should be your top priority, especially if your home office is not very big. Use the regular cabinetry to store devices like a printer or other media. A rolling cart will serve as your own portable office.


Stay Wireless

The cables and wires of your devices can often create a chaos. Avoid it, by getting a couple of outlets on key spots. {Amy’s note: and hid the wires in cable sleeves.}


Smart Organizers

Desks tend to accumulate a lot of paper. At some point you might find yourself flooded in mail, magazines, and files. You can prohibit this from happening by getting a couple of organizing tools. Baskets and bins are perfect storage solutions for miscellaneous items that will keep the clutter at bay. Labelled folders guarantee that you will not lose any important documents. Have a multipurpose board on which you can hang notes.  Be sure that you have enough space for everything in your office.


Even if you work at home, you can create a perfect and organized space, where you can tackle your daily tasks.


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Sofia Lewis is a passionate article writer and blogger from the UK. She is inspired by home improvement projects and writes mainly about home and garden related topics.

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