Project Share Day 4: #worldphotographyday

14054516_10153636796521090_393687487420463144_oPhotography is a hobby and love of mine. It started early and flourished at Ithaca College. I was a photo major plain and simple. I took Intro to Photo w/Steve Skopik Freshman year and I was hooked. I love entering the darkroom. I am sucked into the lab by the energy of the other students and professors. The smell of the chemicals felt familiar and the sounds of the machines, developing your own film, and some laughter/crying never got old. It’s fascinating to watch a image develop on paper in the darkroom. The way the chemicals create an image so vivid and sharp is breath-taking. Black and white, documentary style is my favorite.

I admit color photo (and printing was not my favorite class). Color for colors sake is something I still believe in.

I was a photo lab monitor my second semester freshman year till graduation. I enjoy helping the other students and being around creative people. My senior project was male body figure studies. (Below are just some from that series.) I had male models in the studio all the time (who wouldn’t). Students would peer into the crack in the studio door to get a glimpse of my model. It was fun!

Thank you Janice Levy Danny Guthrie and Daniel McInnis for a wonderful time in my life. And I’m grateful for your continued connection.

After graduation, I moved to LA and worked for Visages (an agency that represented photographers, hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylists)… and that is a share for another day…

I have been fortunate to be in the photo world since 1995. And I’m super excited for new adventures with this medium!

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