pouchesThis month my Organizing Tip includes one of my favorite supplies: the small micro mesh pouch from The Container Store. You can find these in the travel section… or any pouch that you like.

I have many (in multiple colors, of course) and I use them frequently. I keep them in my purse. I have one that holds “first-aid supplies”, one that holds makeup and other girly items, one where I can collect receipts, and one for collecting business cards from networking events. 

When I decide to change purses (or bags), I can easily move the pouch from one to the other and not add a pouch (if it’s not necessary). I love the versatility it affords me. It also keeps my bag organized and efficient (I can find what I need when I need it).

I also use it for travel. It can keep all of my travel needs together so I’m not sifting through my bag at the airport or on the airplane. 

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