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donateMy Organizing Tip of the month is to create a donation box (or bin, bags, etc). Keep this donation box in a centrally located area in your home so every family member can participate.

As it is a new season, it’s time to look into your closets and decide what is staying and what needs to go. If it’s a summer article and has run the course of the season, it’s time to send that off to someone else who can use it. If it’s a fall/winter item and not your style anymore, it’s time to move it along.

As you move through your day add items to this box. Over time (a week or month), it becomes easier to recognize items that no longer bring you joy OR don’t fit anymore.

For my clients with children, I like to incorporate the donation bin a few times a year. Keep the bin out for a week (or two) and as a family collectively add items for donation. This way over time items are being looked at throughout your home and choices are being made. 

* If an item is worn, ripped, or dirty it cannot be recycled or sold and will need to be tossed out. *

Good luck and keep me posted.
Let me know if you have any questions!