Heading, March Madness

It’s March Madness…  

March, I can’t believe that it’s March already! We are at the end of Quarter 1 of the year, and here in NYC we are experiencing gorgeous weather. This is the month to close up projects from the last 2 months and start planning for Quarter 2 (April-June) of the year if you haven’t already started. It’s time to sit down, pull out your calendar and plug important dates into your schedule. (Check out the blog on calendars.)

Recap of 2016 so far:
January was tough for me this year. I ended up with a migraine or a headache a least 20 out of 31 days. It was a challenge, I won’t lie. I retreated into my own world and tried to take one day at a time. As an organizer, I had to throw my plans out the window and be ever present. I had to listen to my body and my mind and make the best decisions I could. Now there were events and deadlines that were non-negotiable, where I had to just push through and make things happen.

February was the month of me. I’ve believe February is self-love/self-care month. And this year I practiced what I preach. I took the time to make appointments to for the dentist, massage, yearly physical, chiropractor, etc. I took salt/bubble baths and slowed down. As an organizer, I’m used to helping others with their systems and I turned the camera on me and my apartment. I went through my own systems, my paperwork, and possessions to figure what was still working, make adjustments on what was missing, and donate items that were no longer useful. I stored away 2015 paperwork and filed my taxes.

March is the first month of Spring. It’s a time to come out of hibernation and connect with others. My friend and Stylist, Sam Brown came over the other day to help me update my wardrobe and brighten up my color scheme. It was great to spend time with her and also learn more about fashion and creating outfits. I enjoy learning from others and their talent; so, I am creating a list of area for further study, which include cooking, public speaking, and meditation. What areas interest you and how will you learn more?  Please share your stories on my Facebook page.

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