Project Share Day 2: Throwing my hat over the wall

In November 2013, I was helping a friend at a NYC City Bar (Law) event, when Ann Jenrette-Thomas walks up to the table and we start talking. She asks if I would write a chapter for the book she is editing “The Happy Law Practice”. I’ve never written a book before, I’m the photo girl, not the writer. So, I said sure, why not?! My first response was “what did I just do” and then I said, I got this. I’m throwing my hat over the wall… Let’s do it!

My chapter focuses on organizing your office to increase your productivity. I love this message. I’m committed to making a difference with business professionals so they can work less and improve their time management skills, financial goals, and provide excellent client-customer service, etc. I’m super proud of this book as a whole, and its great for all entrepreneurs. http://amzn.to/2b1LpOj

Last year, my friend Cari asked if I would like to contribute a chapter for her book: how to organize for your separation or divorce. I’ve been spending time with clients over the past few years dealing with this topic and its a great resource for those going through this process.http://amzn.to/2bdxt7m

Writing for me has always been a challenge and i’ve always chosen a visual path rather than a word/writing path. I’m super proud that I took on these challenges and I’m so happy with my results.

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