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Project Share Day 36: Transformationpossibility-medium

Tonight my friend registered himself into the Landmark Forum. What he created is courage. I am excited for his discovery of self and transformation. I created the possibility of being free, unleashed, and powerful (especially regarding my finances). It was a lovely evening, filled with great conversation and wonderful friends.

While on my way home I met Ty on the 1-train. He’s a kickboxing coach and competitor and looking into MMA. We had a great conversation about what he’s doing in his life and what he wants to do. I’ve always wanted to explore kickboxing…

Then at 96th Street, the 1-train changed over to express as there was a sick passenger; so, I chose to walk home. I met Kate on the platform and we walked together. She’s amazing. She just arrived in NYC for a job from Portugal. She knows no one in NYC. I said, “now you know me” and gave her my card. I understand moving to a foreign city and not really knowing anyone (I lived in London for a semester in college). What an adventure!

Tonight was not only about others transformation, it was also about my own. Getting out of my own way to have amazing conversations with everyone I met tonight (including Marjorie, who has the night shift in my building). I super adore her.

The possibility of being free, unleashed, and powerful in all areas of my life is what I’m declaring. What’s your possibility?