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Project share Day 37: my cousins

I am super proud of my family, my whole family, especially my cousins. I am not as close to my cousins as I would like. This is an area of my life I’m committed to discovering and creating new relationships.

From my perspective my cousins live rich lives, they’re married, have kids, houses, and are busy people. They manage a household and schedules and multitasking their lives. My brother and I are single. And I’m only going to speak for myself when I say, sometimes I am envious of your lives and then sometimes I’m super happy I’m single I live in New York City.

I miss you, we spent more time together when we were younger. I had a great time! This new year, I am committed that we speak more often and reconnect to who we are now as adults. Rachel Stephen Matthew Leah Jessica Bonnie (and your spouses: Tali Jennifer Steven Michael David) L’Shana Tova 🎉

On another note: I have often been asked the question, “when are you going to get married?” Or “don’t you want to get married”, or “you’re getting too old to have kids”. And my answer is “I’m not too old for kids”. I’ve not met my special someone yet. And I’m not too freaking old. I know my parents will be amazing grandparents. At times I feel sad they don’t have the opportunity to do that right now. And yeah I know it’s not in the cards right now… And it gives us all a certain freedom.

Tonight, my parents and I had an fabulous dinner (sushi of course). We then spent time playing cards together and laughing hysterically the whole night. We spent the day in amazing conversation just exploring who we all are as individuals and I don’t take that for granted. I really can be my true self expressed human. And it’s wonderful to be that way with two of the most important people in my life. Communication really is the key to the kingdom. And the strength of all relationships.

My promise is to always be self expressed, communicate where it needs to be clear, and reach out to my family and let you know that I love you.💖 I will be married and I will have children and you will all be invited to celebrate with me.

As I wrote this post I had my first cousins in mind, however as I reading I’m also thinking of my extended cousins who I have been in communication with and also want to strengthen our relationship. xxoo Eve Andrew Jonathan Steven Scott Jordan Susan Aren Kit