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Project Share Day 35: SUSHI13533937-i-love-sushi-handwritten-in-white-dish-over-red-background-file-layered-for-easy-manipulation-and-cu-stock-vector

My favorite cuisine is Japanese. It’s not a secret, I could live off Japanese food for life. It’s fresh, clean, beautiful presentation, tiny bites, and the least amount of garlic at a meal. And now they have gluten-free soy sauce, so I’m good…

And I love sake! It’s my truth serum. I say pretty much everything and anything, lol.

In LA, my favorite restaurant is Minori (located at Pico & Robertson Blvds). Arturo Everitt introduces Scott Quinn who introduces me to the space. It’s my Cheers… I see “regulars” every time, including Ms Anita Brown.

For almost a year, Tuesday night is my night. I’m in the restaurant at the sushi bar by 8:05p. I sit down, 2 sushi pieces of the most amazing yellowtail are place in front of me and a tall glass of water with lemon and a straw. domo arigatou gozaimasu – “My” sushi chef Shigeru Usuki is teaching my how to speak Japanese and creating dishes from scratch (not on the menu). They are beautiful and delicious!!!

Some nights, I’m alone reading a book, and some nights I’m bringing others with me to experience my spot. I celebrate my birthday 6 years straight; A few friends and fun over sushi.

In 2005, I left LA and didn’t return till the year later (for Halloween, of course). Entering the restaurant after a year away, it was as if I never left. The staff great me as it was just another day. They remember me and what like to order. It was my spot for 7 continuous years. It’s special.

In NYC, I have 2 spots I frequent. I would love to take you there, let me know when 🙂 And if you have a favorite sushi spot, let me know! arigatou