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a75efc134c7f8fe885753ee22e654f89-2Project share Day 25: music

Music has been in my life since I can remember. I love to dance and feel the beat. As my mind wanders and I full of chatter, music calms my body. It hits my soul. It makes me happy. It fills the time. Music makes everything fun and less serious. And I need to be less serious more often.

I remember in junior high school studying for a test, science or history I think. I’m in the basement before the renovation sitting on the floor. My notebook is out and I’m listening to the same Sting song on repeat. It’s great for me to have background music/noise, as the void of noise pulls my focus from task (i.e. studying). The next day during the test I’m silently singing the song and remembering my study session and the facts I need for the test. It’s great!

I love watching Dance Party USA. It’s a TV show on the East Coast which features teenagers dancing all the new music. This is where I learn my dance moves and have fun with learning trends and stretching my musical knowledge. My friend Jodie and I talk about the show in history class and after school and watch new shows together. I always thought I’d make it on-air at least once.

I’m a fan of karaoke and live music. In Los Angeles, before The Grove is actually built, the location is old school farmers market. It’s amazing, and I miss it. Saturday nights was karaoke night. Upwards of 250 people, way more then appropriate for the fire marshal, would gather. People are singing on the stage, dancing, we are all singing from our seats, it’s electric! It’s the place to be. I’m here every Saturday for at least six months. I am what you would call a “regular” although I never actually sing on stage, I am up there dancing a few times. I meet my friend Kim here.

I start working for the music industry in 1999. I start with MCA Records in the art department. Make my way through Universal Music Group (and Enterprises) to Island/Def Jam Records (until 2012). I love listening to music. I love being part of this industry. I love seeing shows and artists come alive on stage.

Whenever I’m in a mood, whether it’s cranky, depressed, happy, seriousness, worrisome, music is there to heal me. It creates a space of just being alive. Music makes me laugh, sing out loud at the top of my voice, relax me, and overcome me with joy. It’s a great connection between all people, esp when we don’t speak the same language.

I also love watching dancing with the stars. Watching the contestants dance to an amazing song, makes my hips move, I want to dance along with them. My body just want to be in rhythm. It takes a second to still myself and then I just it again. 😊💃🏻

I know the saying is Money makes the world go round, and I kind of want to say Music makes the world go around. It brings us all together. Olé