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14233143_10153690381171090_3464709730787505057_n14225382_10153690381086090_1461929226526964274_n Project Share Day 24: a 25th birthday gift

For my 25th birthday (2000) one of my favorite photographers Mike Ruiz gifted me with a photo shoot. (In LA, I work with photographers as a producer, assistant, Jr. agent).

I walk in to Miauhaus Studios Studios in LA, with excitement buzzing all around. Greg, my hairstylist, and a makeup artist (I forget who) are waiting for me in the prep area. Products (lipsticks, foundation, hairspray, curlers, hairdryers, mascara, eye shadows, you name it) are all around the room and on the counter. I sit in the chair and they start their magic. We’re listening to music and everyone is having fun.

We are in the big studio at Miauhaus Studios, which is light and airy. Moving from one setup to another. It takes all afternoon. The day brings back memories of fondness and electricity. My lips are so red, it feels a coat of paint has been lacquered on. Lol. I still have my heavy makeup on as we pack up and leave for dinner. Chinese food, yum. At the end of dinner, I feel terrible and full of laughter as my crisp white napkin has red lipstick all over it! Wish I had a photo of the napkin, but I remember it vividly to this day 💋

Thanks Mike!!!

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