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Project Share Day 15: Authenticity

I have not been telling the truth. I have been so righteous about everything in my life and everyone in my life and everything that I just make everyone wrong. Including myself. Especially myself. I’ve been playing a small game in life to make myself comfortable with what I know. And if I know i’m not going to accomplish a goal I don’t try. That definitely has been limiting my success for everything I want for my life.

I am not being genuine. I’m hiding my true emotions and not sharing my life. I have frustration and loneliness, so I isolate myself and shutdown. I talk about things that are comfortable and safe and that I have success with and I’ve been making myself wrong at all terms, thus making others wrong as well. I’m sorry!

I am taking on being alive and discovering new ideas. I’m facing my fears and being bold & being courageous. I am inspiring joy and wonderment. I am love.