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Project Share Day 14: you’re a cheerleader, yes!








The year is 1992, and I’m starting my senior year of high school. One thing I’ve always been a fan of is cheerleading, I know the moves, I know I have rhythm and I am excited that this year I’m trying out. I’m nervous, I’m not a popular kid in school, so why would they choose me to be part of the cheerleading team. I’m auditioning anyway.

I’m blanking on the tryouts, I just remember making the team. I am a panther, a mascot. I have whiskers on my checks and red on my nose. Dressing in a black jumpsuit with black Chuck Taylors, during the coldest football season = magic. Watching the cheerleaders in the short skirts freeze = not so fun.

Our halftime show has the best 90s music has to offer, our moves swift and clean. I’m on the 50 yard line, dancing and cheering while watching the crowd react to our performance. The noise is loud and the enjoyment level high. Adrenaline races through my body. My smile widens as does the beating of my heart.

It’s an honor to serve GRHS as an ambassador of spirit. An amazing experience to add to my list of memories.