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Project Share Day 13: Lucky number 13 13numberthirteenincircle

My lucky number is 13. I’ve always loved this number it’s magic and it brings me joy. Friday the 13th is always one of my favorite days and I look forward to it every time it occurs. It’s just been lucky for me.

I remember bringing in Hershey chocolate kisses for work one day on Friday the 13th. I’m in Los Angeles and so happy for Friday the 13th, i’m passing out my chocolate with a smile on my face and everyone keeps saying happy Valentine’s Day. Huh!? Oh doh, I forgot it was February. I love explaining that I’m celebrating Friday the 13th and not the love holiday.

13 is a lucky number at the roulette table. 13:00 is 1p, a great time of the day. 13 is just a fun number all around!

What’s you favorite or lucky number?