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Project Share Day 12: oh what a night!

Anything can happen in New York City at any minute, anywhere. Tonight my friend Virna and I make our way to the West Village for dinner and drinks. She forgets her license, and they let her in anyway. The first bar is loud and we hardly hear each other over the music and talking. They don’t have food for me so we leave and find a Vietnamese restaurant around the corner. This place is amazing, the food is delicious, the service is wonderful, and my company is brilliant.

We take a right leaving the restaurant to check out another place. This is when chaos ensues… We see three young girls crying and shaking walking towards us on the sidewalk, and a woman with them. Another woman is yelling at a gentleman standing in the middle of the street. All of a sudden this woman hits this man, he falls down and I hear crack. Virna and I look at each, and we are frozen on the sidewalk. The man is not moving. A crowd forms.

Virna checks on the guy and I do crowd control. Everyone is honking their horn’s and I walk up the street to each car explaining that there’s a man lying flat in the middle of the road and an ambulance is on its way. A bigger issue is a city bus who normally travels straight, makes a right turn and gets stuck. So no cars can go anywhere but just sit still as people walk all in the street. Cars are still honking and we’re still waiting for the cops. It was quite fascinating to be there.

We walk around chatting until we head to a new bar, and then another.

I’m not sure we really understand the impact we have on others’ lives. I know I don’t always understand the impact my actions have on other people. If this woman and this man had a conversation, they could still argue, and work out whatever they had to work out. If cops are necessary then cops need to be called. The impact of violence and the results of it affects, in this case, hundreds of people. Even if it was for short period of time.

My evening was amazing and chaotic. And it was fun to experience it all with someone else. Anything and everything can happen in a moment in NYC.