Project Share Day 11… Food allergies

14079558_10153653960606090_8105813339391216114_nGrowing up I did not have food allergies. I love comfort food and my Mom is very good at making the healthy stuff (from scratch). Whole-wheat bread is a staple and skim milk and veggies are around all the time. Cereal is one of my favorite things and sugar had to be the fifth or more ingredient for my Mom to buy it. I recall my brother and I arriving at the grocery store, and patrolling the cereal aisle to read the ingredients to make sure it was approved.

In college, I might have overdosed on pizza. Ithaca has the best pizza places. Favorites: Christiano’s, Gino’s, the Nines, Rogan’s, Hilltop. So many choices!

My first discovery of food allergies is lactose intolerance. I’m 29. Yogurt, oh yogurt, sad to see you go. Garlic is my second discovery. I’m 31. I’m not in belief that garlic is an allergy so it stays on the back burner for a little while until 2010, and I am 35. My trip to Tuscany was not an issue as the region is garlic free. I’m super joyful!

And it’s now 2011, I’m not feeling well. The doctor tells me that I have ulcers and I need to start journaling my food intake. This discovery leads me to an issue of wheat. Oh Gluten. The first thing I realize is that I have to give up my California rolls from my favorite cuisine Japanese. The horror. Thanksgiving 2011 is the marker for no gluten, no garlic, and no lactose for this lady. My Mom is amazing and cooks me my own Thanksgiving dinner. It’s wonderful. I couldn’t eat fast enough.

It’s now 2016 and I’m still enjoying and discovering what a no gluten, no garlic, and no lactose lifestyle looks like. I add goat & sheep cheese sparingly to my regime. It’s a challenge; I admit it can be frustrating. I love going out to dinner with friends. I call each restaurant directly to make sure I can eat there (Why do so many restaurants marinate their meats/protein?) Most friends are OK with this and some friends find it problematic. I tend not to go out with them anymore for food. I make a lot of gluten-free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 😊 yum!

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