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Project Share Day 16: bugsinsects-bugs-vector-556031

I do not like bugs. Tonight as I walk out of the subway at 110th Street a cockroach chose to fall onto my shoulder and totally startle me. My friend and I completely gross out.

It reminds me of a time 2 nights before summer camp. I’m probably 13 years old. In my room my windows have a valance (a decorative drapery above my window). At some point of the day a spiders’ nest hatches and what feels like a million baby spiders crawl out of the valance. It’s so gross. Sleeping there is not an option and end up downstairs in the room next to my parents.

I still get chills to this day recalling the images. I’ll have to ask my Dad what he did to remove them. I somehow feel the vacuum was used. 🕷