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Where do I journal?
– in bed
– on the NYC subway
– on the street
– Riverside and Central Parks

When do I journal?
– at night, before I go to bed
– first thing in the morning
– on my way to a client or meeting
– whenever I need to write down something I need to remember 

What do I journal about?
– quotes I like
– my to-do list for the day
– my to-do list for tomorrow
– goals that I want to accomplish
– celebrate my accomplishments, gratitude
– express my feelings throughout the day
– phone numbers
– take notes in a meeting
– food or restaurants I like
– doodles and sketches


  • It’s a brain dump and a place to jot down all of your thoughts.
  • Makes executing a to-do list more efficient; cross off one task and move along to the next task of your day.
  • Reduces the impact of stress (physical, emotional, mental) on the body.
  • Journaling helps clear the clutter from your mind so you can focus on other tasks, including falling asleep at night.
  • Clarity… on how you feel and think about situations.
  • Having one place to keep your thoughts helps minimize chaos and notes everywhere.

– I like buying my journals at
– I add the date on the top of my page to make sure I remember when things happen
– I like journals that have a pocket in the back so I can add papers or notes
– I use a highlighter to call attention to tasks (or information) I still need to attend to or remember

What do you journal about? Please comment here on the blog.