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What is your Spirit Animal?

When I was in New Zealand last December I ended up with a 24-hour bug. It was terrible, I lived in the bathroom all night (sorry TMI). What I found fascinating was that I was not alone. I beautiful light grey moth sat by my side the whole night. When my legs were turned to the left, the moth was also facing left (same ... Read more

It’s time for Spring-Cleaning… for the Mind

This week my guest blogger is Yvonne Heffernan. Yvvonne is a project management consultant and CEO of Launch Out, LLC, a project management company that helps companies organize their projects and tasks in order to be more productive and efficient. Email her at [email protected] to learn more!   Spring is in the air! Have you scheduled your spring-cleaning? Mental spring-cleaning, that is... So, what is a mental ... Read more


Where do I journal? - in bed - on the NYC subway - on the street - Riverside and Central Parks When do I journal? - at night, before I go to bed - first thing in the morning - on my way to a client or meeting - whenever I need to write down something I need to remember  What do I journal about? - quotes I like - my to-do list for the ... Read more