Ways to remain Calm (and Productive) during the holiday season.

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file000920323454It’s December! Winter, holidays, family, parties, chaos…. Here are some ways to remain calm (and productive) during the holiday season.

Things to do to make you more calm:

1) Music – Start listening to new music… This is the time of the year where magazines publish their top lists (albums, songs, music videos, etc). Here are a few to get you started:

2) Meditation – Take 5-10 minutes in the morning to center yourself (and your mind) and create intention for the day ahead. It grounds you.

3) Exercise or dance or yoga – Move your body whichever way suits you best (even if it’s in the bedroom). There is one thing that you can control, and that is your body.

4) Massage & Self-Care (i.e. manicure, pedicure, a good meal in your favorite restaurant, etc). Don’t forget to treat yourself and take time for you.

5) Go with the flow. It might be time to find a new tempo; if you always find yourself busy and moving fast then take this time to slow down. Window shop… Explore the sights of the town you live in.

Things to do to make you more productive:

1) Keep one calendar of all your events for everyone in the family. Don’t feel bad about carrying an updated printed copy with you during the day in case you need to reference it. For families, appoint one member to be in charge of the social calendar so there won’t be double booking.

2) The Fast 15!  Before you leave the office and before you go to bed take 15 minutes to clean up from the day and set up for the next day.

  • File paperwork; Setup your office for tomorrow
  • Plug important to-do’s into your calendar
  • Round up toys, pick out your next outfit, prepare lunch
  • Put items away and in their proper homes

3) This is the time to really use your timer. Whether it’s shopping in a store, surfing the Internet, computer work, craft projects etc… Keep the task at hand in focus and your schedule moving forward.

4) Add a recycling bin near where you look at your mail for all the excess correspondence and catalogs you receive this month.

5) Place an empty box or bin in a central location in your home; Label it clearly with the title “donate”. As you (and your family) receive gifts during the season that you may not use, pass them onto people that are needy and could really use them this time year. Or adopt a family or charity like toys for tots or one that is close to your heart. Instead of re-gifting items you don’t want, donate them.

BONUS: Plan ahead. If you’re shopping online, ship your items to where you are going to be for the holidays.

Let me know below in the comments how you unwind and remain calm during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays!



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