Project Share Day 8: bad ass females

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I love kick ass female protagonists. Independent, self-sufficient women who take names.

There is something about being a spy or detective, problem-solving at a moments notice, speaking multiple languages, cracking the code, getting the bad guys. It’s a thrill to watch shows with strong female characters.

It starts with Wonder Woman. A classic, Linda Carter, see-through airplane, self-aware visionary. Sexy as hell woman. My favorite outfit is my Wonder Woman underoos.

Charles Angels, has many females characters to look up to. They are private eyes, they solve problems and they look good doing it 🙂 I don’t have a favorite angel, they each bring something to the table. It’s about teamwork.

Alias – is amazing!!! I love this show; JJ Abrams’ second television show. He’s brilliant. I have the show on DVD and I love to watch the series from the beginning. Sydney Bristow the super spy, running down a hallway, trying not to get caught, leaping from buildings = so good!

Covert Affairs is CIA agent Annie Walker. Piper Perabo makes it all look fun and effortless. She relies on her intuition and linguistic skills. Pure entertainment, beautiful locations & photography, and a good looking supporting cast. Annie’s independence and determination to get the job done are admirable.

Burn notice = Fiona! Of course everyone on the show is a favorite, Fiona is the BOMB! Her body is tight and lethal. She knows her trade and can do anything she is asked. Matt Nix & USA Network really creates the Miami Heat and all the excitement the city can bring.

I’ve always wanted to be part of a secret spy organization. No one would ever picture me as a CIA agent. 😉 It would be a lot of fun and edgy and risky and in your face. These women don’t back down. They are strong, independent, bold leaders, who get the job done. I see that in myself all the time and now I’m bring it out more and more each day

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