Project Share Day 7: my favorite mutt

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The year was 1982, August 12th, a dog, hit by a car, was found on the side of the road. She was pregnant. My Mom’s friend Annie was part of the rescue team who helped saved and nurse the 6 puppies. I was 7, my brother 4.

As I walked into Annie’s house, I could sense the love and excitement. At one point, I held a newborn pup in the palm of my hand. She fit in one hand, I was mesmerized as I was holding this tiny baby bottle so she can eat her next meal. Over time, they got bigger and it was time to pick one to bring home with us.

Feisty was the name they originally called her. And she definitely was lively, determined, and courageous. Cuddles became her name because all she did was get on your lap and cuddle.

I love my dog. She was like my baby sister. One day she was walked into the kitchen and my Mom just looked at her and shook her head. She was wearing one of my favorite PJs. I think she prefers wearing my clothes, my Mom thinks differently. She’s the same loveable pup whether running around the house or yard or just relaxing or taking a nap. She literally is the baby of the house.

March, 1995. I’m working in the photo lab at college and the phone rings. I answer and it’s my Mom. Cuddles didn’t make it out of surgery, she said. I was frozen. What?! I felt the tears falling down my face. I was heartbroken. We all are heartbroken.

I miss her and think of her often

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