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deepening-relationships-through-contribution1Project share day 29: this weekend – I am a contribution.

This weekend I am leader support for an amazing course at Landmark. Being a support to the leaders (5) reminds me of my production days.

I fly around set making sure everything and everyone is taken care of. I am 3-5 steps ahead. It’s like a game of chess…anticipating all moves and even suggesting them before they are words out loud. It’s great getting support for when I’m not able to be 2 places at one time.

I do this work in production as a stand for who the leaders get to be in the room. How transformation is for everyone and I get to help make that possible. I am a contribution. I am a space for clearing. This world really needs more people who are powerful, bold, leaders who believe in humanity and who bring change the world in a positive way, community for all, and one voice. Human rights, love, and understanding is important to me. I get to experience this every time I come to landmark. I get to be with a group of people who are really out to transform this world into more positive place and how we empower others to take on what’s important to them in their lives.

I share about landmark because the people I know are up to big things. You are amazing and you make a difference!

Thank you to those who let me share this weekend with them. I am ever grateful, and I am in the listening that we all can make this world a better place. We need to love each other and we need to love ourselves. Life is fragile, life is alive, and it’s a gift.