3 Ways Organizing Can Make Your Office More Profitable – Tip #2: Effective office setup

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Welcome to week #3 and tip #2 of 3 Ways Organizing Can Make Your Office More Profitable.

Last week we talked about the importance of labeling your files and where they are located in your office to maintain order. Achieving an effective setup of your office puts you in the driver’s seat and sets you up for success.

1)   The second tip is: Effective office setup

Having certain items in hands reach is essential. The less distractible you are, the more productive your day will become. Here are suggestions:

  • A sturdy bookshelf, with just the necessary books needed for your daily work. When you get up from your desk to look for a needed book, sometimes we find things that take our attention away from the task. It might take us 20 minutes to get back on track.
  • A filing cabinet. A vertical option is best for ease of finding documents and less movement on your neck. When you constantly twist your neck to look at the labels, you might find yourself uncomfortable. Looking at a label straight on is more efficient.
  • Limit your distractions. I do like a minimalistic approach in the office. Have fewer items on your desk and in your office. Don’t be tempted.

Desk drawers can double as an extension of your desk. I like to use the top drawer of my desk to house my stapler, tape, pens, paperclips, etc. Items that I need at a moments notice, but don’t have to take up precious desk space.

Invest in a comfortable chair. When you are physically comfortable, you become mentally calm, thus you are able to focus on work projects.

Lighting. Adequate lighting is an imperative element in your workspace. Light affects your mood and assists in getting tasks accomplished. Avoid glare and really use plenty of light.

If it’s possible, paint your office walls in a color that suits the productivity of your work and helps you maintain focus. Color psychology can help you choose the best color for your workspace.

My favorite supply is the Post-It note dispenser. This way I’m always ready to jot down ideas that pop in my head (and add them to my post-it wall).




Here is a photo of my office setup. I live in a NYC studio apartment, so this space works well for me. It’s cozy.

And my post-it wall. 





Next week we will discuss Tip #3: Power up your office equipment

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