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100729-sweettoothProject share day 33: my sweet tooth

I have a sweet tooth. I’ve always had a sweet tooth. Growing up my mom was into healthy food. We would have the oily peanut butter that was natural, homemade mac & cheese, brown bread, and for cereal, sugar had to be the fifth or more ingredient for her to buy it.

I remember going to the grocery store and my brother and I hit the cereal aisle. We scan the boxes looking at all the ingredients for all the cereal. Going to my friends’ houses, I always chose the sugar cereal. Froot Loops, frosted flakes, honey nut cheerios are my favorite.

In 6 grade the students leave school for lunch. My favorite place is Trevino’s pizza. I also like the Kosher Nosh. And it’s impossible not to walk by and stop at E & K for candy. And that is what I did all the time. Yet I can’t bring it home as my Mom would throw it out. So I secretly keep my candy in the garage. My dad has a large ladder that hangs sideways. I keep the candy in the grooves of the latter. It’s great!

I love sweets, though candy is my preference. Now having a gluten allergy and having to double check all labels to make sure that the sugar is not made with flour has made it more difficult to eat sweets. Oh not impossible. I enjoy eating skittles and swedish fish. However I do miss twizzlers and red vines and a frozen Charleston Chew 😊

What’s your favorite candy?