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14192010_10153684786521090_2128608552561136195_nProject Share Day 22: I am a collector

I know you probably saying what?this organizer likes to collect stuff (really?!). And I did, when I was younger I collected so many things.

I’ll start off with pencils. My grandfather, Poppi had a pencil collection that I just continue adding to throughout my childhood. Thick black with a sharp point. I also love collecting pencils with my name on it, with unicorns, and any theme imaginable. I never use the pencils but I love seeing them. Oh and I collect cute erasers too

I also collect matchbooks. Grandma Ida started our matchbook collection so many years ago. I go through them periodically to weed out the ones which don’t bring me joy. I have a matchbook from my Uncle Steven’s wedding, my parents wedding, matchbooks from all over the world and before 1950s. This ever huge whiskey glass or vase is from my Grandma’s apartment. It’s where I keep my matches. I once had enough matchbooks to fill three of these jars.

I have a fun collection of playing cards. I love playing cards with pictures on them and those from all over the world.

I collect mini teacups aka cappuccino cups & I collect shot glasses, especially from Hard Rock Cafe. I have a US quarter collection.

I collect T-shirts throughout my childhood. T-shirts from previous schools, camps, rockfests, college, etc. For a while I thought to create a blanket with all the t-shirts.

Not many of my collections have made it to today. I’m sure I’m missing one or two, however they were so fun to have. As I turn to a more minimalist lifestyle (and in a studio apartment in New York City), I realize the reality of keeping as many of the things I once loved. Collecting items will always have fondness in my heart but the practicality of the joy it brings me now is in my memories.

* mugs are from senior year at Ithaca