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24f0xsp3Perfection… what is this word.

Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary defines the word as:

  • : the state or condition of being perfect

  • : the act of making something perfect or better : the act of perfecting something

  • : something that cannot be improved : something that is perfect

Simple Definition of perfect is:

  • : having no mistakes or flaws

  • : completely correct or accurate

  • : having all the qualities you want in that kind of person, situation, etc.

A Perfectionist. That is who I am. I don’t like to suck/fail/be bad at something. So I let perfectionism be another form of procrastination.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” —Goethe
If I can’t be perfect at something it stops me from either starting the task/project never less enjoying it. Failure. I’m afraid of failing. I’m afraid of looking bad. Putting my heart to something and then when it doesn’t work out (in my mind) failing.
I’m so hard on myself that I don’t see my successes. Just what’s missing or what’s wrong. And that is a loosing battle.
Until NOW! I’ve recently come to appreciate my perfectionistic ways and have changed the way I view being perfect. I honestly have to admit this blog post has been in draft form for a number of months. You see, I wasn’t sure what to write and so I was stalled. (Procrastination)… And now, I’ve just decided to write whatever comes to mind. It’s quite possibly the most freeing I’ve been in a long time. The importance is to do. Just put something out there. Make the world (and social media) want to read what I write. And then if it’s not real, you all can smell it (and see it) from a mile away. It’s not authentic. It’s not me, and its a sham.
So, I promise from here on out, to be real. Share my feelings and thoughts as they come up and not be afraid if they aren’t “perfect”.. They must be real and genuine. Not in this organized package that I’ve worked so hard for.. that’s not the real me – its the one I want you to me. But life is messy (just like that junk draw in the kitchen, and yes I have one as well). It’s being lived as we speak moment to moment, and that is how we need to start showing up in the world… And I’m mostly talking about myself.
Today, I claim to trust myself, and truly live. To let everyone see my flaws, and embrace all that I am. To share who I am and who I want to be AND letting them all my colors show. I am 1 person and I am sharing all of me with you…
Please share with me your stories and declarations of perfectionism… I’d love to hear them!