Moving is stressful, and it doesn’t have to be.

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Experts say that one of the most stressful life event is moving.I can understand how this can be a huge stress on yourself, your significant other, your family, etc. I have moved 19 times in my life for different reasons and the events brought forth different emotions each time.



In 2014, I helped a very important couple, my parents, finish moving out of the home they lived for 28 years. We started in 2012 (before the thought of moving transpired) going through items in the attic and all over the house. It was time to reduce the amount of items in our home that just weren’t being used often. I suggest really going through what you own once a year to see if the items are used or if they could be put to better use (regardless if you plan to move or not). If something doesn’t bring you joy or have a purpose, it’s time to donate, sell, trash, etc. Only surround yourself with items you love. 

When the decision was made to find a “retirement community” and put the house on the market, the timeline was kicked up a notch. We quickly donated and sold furniture and “staged” the home for the sale. A tough and overwhelming job, and rewarding at the same time.

They moved out in June, to a temporary residence (as their new home wasn’t move-in ready till October), while 90% of their items went into storage. Deciding what would go with them and what would be packed into storage took a bit of thought and coordination. It’s been an interesting ride, and their new home is beautiful.

Here is what I learned while coordinating this move. 

  • Plan Ahead! and plan ahead some more.
  • Research and interview moving companies & ask about their team members (of who will be there on moving day).
  • Have a system or “game-day plan” prepared.
  • Create a detailed inventory list (include a box number, all items in that box, previous room origin, new room destination, and notes).
  • Label each item/box (the box number and new room destination).
  • Check off boxes (from the list) as they leave the house and are added to the moving truck.
  • AND check off the boxes as they enter the new home as well. Have a team ready for the unpacking of the truck and to monitor boxes of where things go in the new home.
    • There were 7 movers all bringing in items at the same time through 2 different doors. It was overwhelming at times. Having one entryway into the house is best.
  • Hire a Coordinator or Organizer to help with the whole process (or just handle the moving day).
Yes, it can be stressful to make sure you pack everything, downsize (or right size) your belongings, and decide who will help you move. Taking one step at a time and asking for help is my best advice.
What are your tips?

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