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Organizing your Wallet & Purse

This past Tuesday, I gave a 10-minute presentation during my BNI (Business Networking International) Chapter meeting. I talked about organizing the one item we carry around with us everyday: OUR WALLETS & PURSES. At this point, I directed the Chapter to pull out their wallets & purses. It became an interactive talk. My first question was: Do you love your wallet? If you don’t love your wallet ... Read more

The Power Is In YOU!

Yesterday I attended Richard Oceguera’s “Powerful YOU” Intensive and was very happy that I did. Richard is a Networking Expert, Professional Speaker, and Author ( This day was to help me build a powerful business presence, be dynamic when I speak, and help me create a mindset that attracts an ideal client. After registration and networking, the day included lessons and 4 sessions with other presenters ... Read more

Organizing a book collection

A few weeks ago I was working with a client and we decided to organize her book collection. She has a 3-bedroom NYC apartment and 2 teenage sons, thus many books. We started out by compiling all the books in the apartment and creating stacks in the dining room. There were easily over 200 books. We used the 1-touch method, which is just what it ... Read more

Your young adult is off to college… Now what?!

  It’s time… Your young adult is now off to college. His/Her room will now be vacant. What will you do? Depending on your personal circumstances and beliefs one of three options are available.     Take back the room and reclaim your space Keep it as is and let it remain in their control Do something in between   My friend’s parents changed her room into a gym and guest room as ... Read more

How organized is your inbox?

So many emails make it into our inbox every day. How organized is your inbox?   Are you the type of person who cleans out every message and has fewer than 10 emails left in your inbox at the end of the day? Or, are you the type of person who has over 1,000 messages at any given time? Do you delete emails as they come ... Read more

The hot new desk accessory of 2013 is…

the timer! These days we are inundated with so many things happening at the same time. We are constantly bombarded and often find ourselves “multi-tasking” to meet project and everyday demands. How can we prioritize our time better? A timer is a useful tool that measures a unit of time. We use timers when cooking food, to wake up at the right time in the morning, to avoid a ... Read more

What happens when you’re stuck?

What happens when you’re stuck? What does “being stuck” mean? The definition according to Word-12.3.6 is: unable to find a solution… jammed or caught. There are many reasons why people become stuck: Business owners are stuck finding new ways to market themselves, their product, and their company Students have an assignment and they can’t decide on the research and how to start a report New Moms can’t decide what ... Read more

My Desk

For a while now, people have asked me what my desk area looks like in my apartment. To this I smile. As a Professional Organizer, I have always kept a simple and streamlined desk area. Whatever company I worked for my workspace has always been color-coded and free of clutter. It makes my brain happier, and more productive. As a solo-entrepreneur, working from my studio ... Read more

My Day with a Wardrobe Stylist…

If you are following me on Facebook ( you know that a few weeks ago I hired a wardrobe stylist to help me clean out my closet. This was something that I have always wanted to do. I knew that I had to update my clothes and the items in my closet, but I wasn’t sure what to focus on and how to really ... Read more

Mercury in Retrograde… It’s coming up.

Mercury is going into retrograde soon. Here's a new way to see this planet and what it all means. "Mercury in Retrograde" means the planet Mercury is traveling backward towards the Sun. These retrograde periods could cause havoc on our lives. However, this time is not so bad if you know how to prepare for it. Mercury is the planet that rules Communication, Transportation, and Technology. When the ... Read more
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