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While at a Business Conference this past week, I was asked about my favorite Productivity websites. “That’s easy,” I said. There are four websites I like to share. basically simplifies your email inbox. Instead of receiving multiple emails in your inbox, you receive just one. The program lets you select which email subscriptions you want to add and sends just 1 daily digest email to you. You can also pick which time of day to receive the email as well as category type of subscription to make browsing easier. is a GREAT way to handle your finances. It “organizes and categorizes your spending for you”. By adding your bank and credit card accounts you can see where you are spending (and saving) money. It also gives you the opportunity to create budgets, track investments, get bill reminders, and set goals. I have an account for my business and another for my personal matters. Oh and the service is Free. is Cloud Accounting. I can track time, log expenses, and invoice my clients from either my desktop or mobile device. I can link my business credit cards so my expenses are synced up. If an expense needs to be added to a client invoice, I can make that happen and even attach a copy of the receipt. I love the accounting reports & taxes feature. It makes it easy to work with your accountant at the end of the year to file taxes and to get a Profit & Loss (P&L) printout. You can try the service for free for 30-days.

iStudiez Pro is an invaluable tool in your student’s life. The program is available for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac computer and syncs between devices. Features include: a schedule planner (color coded options), which allows you to enter all your classes and details; an interactive calendar and iCal integration; assignment review, which manages your homework, due dates, and grades; among others. This App/website is great for College students as well!

These are a few of my favorite websites and Apps. Please share with me your favorite program… I would love to hear from you.





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  • Christine says:

    This is great, Amy! Wonderful tips I will have to check out! One thing I would suggest is getting a FaceBook like set up for your posts as I’d love to “Like” this post! Keep it coming Amy, very helpful!