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Project Share Day 40: I’m still here…

Project Share Day 40: I'm still here... It might seem that I've been hiding and that would be truthful to some degree. I'm also busy in the NOW. Life happens in the now, moment to moment. I am having amazing conversations with people in my life (old, new, and everyone in between). I'm experiencing being vulnerable, fun, an aliveness that keeps me curious. I'm speaking ... Read more

Project Share Day 9: Vulnerability

Project Share Day 9: Vulnerability Oh vulnerability. It hurts sometimes and it is so vital to our existence. I don't like to look bad or weak. I don't like to mess up or do things wrong. I don't know how to do it any other way. Which doesn't work. I am really hard on myself. Judging and making myself wrong for things that don't need to be. ... Read more