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Project Share Day 40: I’m still here…

Project Share Day 40: I'm still here... It might seem that I've been hiding and that would be truthful to some degree. I'm also busy in the NOW. Life happens in the now, moment to moment. I am having amazing conversations with people in my life (old, new, and everyone in between). I'm experiencing being vulnerable, fun, an aliveness that keeps me curious. I'm speaking ... Read more

back to school time… College Time.

It’s now the end August and its back to school time! Those going off to college for the first time are excited about starting a new chapter in their life, as well as the overwhelm of classes, new schedules, assignments, and waking up in the morning on time for class. Here are a few suggestions to keep your semester on point and to limit the ... Read more

What happens when you’re stuck?

What happens when you’re stuck? What does “being stuck” mean? The definition according to Word-12.3.6 is: unable to find a solution… jammed or caught. There are many reasons why people become stuck: Business owners are stuck finding new ways to market themselves, their product, and their company Students have an assignment and they can’t decide on the research and how to start a report New Moms can’t decide what ... Read more