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Organizing Q&A Session with Amy Neiman, a simplified life

This week on the blog I had clients and friends send me their organizing questions. Great questions!  I hope you take the time to read my suggestions. If you have any questions about this Q&A please post them below. And of course you can always email me.  1. When it comes to organizing my time, what is the best approach? Thanks for asking this question. It's ... Read more

Organizing your Life 30 Minutes at a Time

How busy is your day? Do you have time to de-clutter areas in your home? Organizing a few spaces over time could make your life so much easier. For now pick 1 space and for 30 minutes get to work. I like to use my timer to keep me focused on the task at hand. I'm excited to be featured on the MakeSpace blog with tips on how to ... Read more

My trip to Puerto Rico: Stand, Speak, & Profit Conference

I spent this past weekend on the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico digesting what I learned during a 3-day conference led by Red Elephant (November 20-22, 2013). The topic was: Stand, Speak, & Profit. In your business it’s important to know what you STAND for. What is your purpose? It’s equally important to know the WHY. Why do you do what you do and ... Read more
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