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Does Clutter Define You?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines clutter as "a crowded or confused mass or collection." But the truth is, clutter holds different shapes and meanings for all of us. To a staunch minimalist, clutter could be something as modest as an unworn T-shirt. To frenzied parents, on the other hand, it's often the ongoing battle of corralling toys into a box. Or maybe it comes down to ... Read more

The 5 Types of Physical Clutter by guest blogger Sofia Lewis

The 5 Types of Physical Clutter It’s normal to get a little disorganized from time to time, but living in a constant chaos is a sign of a deeper problem. Your home is in a way a reflection of your mental state. The excess of clutter might be a result of an emotional or psychological issue. Don’t worry, you don’t necessary need to see therapist. ... Read more

A Simplified Life Efficiency Fitness program…

What's Your Score? We find today that most executives and their businesses are no longer fighting the battle of the bulge, but are rather combating against its modern day counterpart -- efficiency bloat. Today's owner or manager doesn’t have enough time. You are so busy and so overloaded; it is near impossible to free yourself up to do any planning, organizing, traveling or pursuing of ... Read more

10 Tips To Simplify The Clutter In Your Home

I am very excited to share my newly published article! Please read it here on the website: Clutter happens to all of us at some point in our lives. January is National Get Organized “GO” Month. Here are 10 quick tips to eliminate clutter in your home: 1. Email inbox detox. 2. One space at a time. 3. Find "homes" for your items.  4. Make decluttering a family project. 5. Practice macro and micro sorting. 6. Play ... Read more