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Project Share Day 40: I’m still here…

Project Share Day 40: I'm still here... It might seem that I've been hiding and that would be truthful to some degree. I'm also busy in the NOW. Life happens in the now, moment to moment. I am having amazing conversations with people in my life (old, new, and everyone in between). I'm experiencing being vulnerable, fun, an aliveness that keeps me curious. I'm speaking ... Read more

Ways to remain Calm (and Productive) during the holiday season.

It’s December! Winter, holidays, family, parties, chaos…. Here are some ways to remain calm (and productive) during the holiday season. Things to do to make you more calm: 1) Music - Start listening to new music... This is the time of the year where magazines publish their top lists (albums, songs, music videos, etc). Here are a few to get you started: Rolling Stone - Spin - ... Read more