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You are amazing at what you do! Wish I had you with me everyday. 


Highly efficient

Amy is highly efficient and made a huge difference to my home... you are making a huge difference in our lives. It goes beyond just clutter, but rather, clearing energy and providing a pathway for healthy emotional and spiritual opportunities.

Gary G

Amy does it seamlessly

My friend Amy Neiman is an amazing professional organizer and organizing coach. She made this to fit my closet (using The Container Store services). Amy says being an organizer is being in charge and deciding the clients systems of organization, while being an organizing coach is to support the client in finding what works best for who they are. It's uncommon that a person could take both roles but Amy does it seamlessly. If you need some organizing or support I highly recommend Amy.

Stacey W

Amy helped me take the steps necessary to fulfill my goals.

"Amy is an intelligent, conscientious and methodically organized person who has taken the time to understand what's important to me and has helped me take the steps necessary to fulfill my goals (which she helped me refine/define). I recommend her emphatically."

John M.

She was patient, kind, very professional and absolutely knows her business.

I was watching a friend who was struggling to organize his life after a recent move to NY, a huge new job and a pending deadline for a huge examination for a Professional Practice License.  I searched all over trying to find a “professional organizer” to help him out.  All that came up were people who helped you unpack from moves and simple organization matters, we needed an academic, trained, professional.

After searching long and hard I found “A Simplified Life.”  After an enlightening call with Amy, on a Sunday no less, she listened and came to my friends immediate rescue, went to his home, organized him, set studying dates and times and needless to say, he took his test, passed and got his license!   She was patient, kind, very professional and absolutely knows her business.  I would highly recommend Amy to organize your life.

Luci T (UC Irvine SOM)

I look forward to working with Amy again!

"Amy helped me organize my studio. We spent 3 hours together and her suggestions made my working studio more functional and of an attractive working environment. Her suggestions helped me keep my work space functional and I maintained her suggestions. I look forward to working with Amy again."

Deborah Hunter
Worship Luxury Inc

Amy was simply the best business decision I have made this year!

Amy was simply the best business decision I have made this year!  Within hours I was clutter free.  But, more importantly my mind was free and clear of clutter.  I felt an immediate sense of relief and accomplishment.  Oh, and I had fun too!
Amy provided me with the necessary tools to stay organize and efficient.  After 6 weeks I am proud to say that all of her organizing tools and principles work and I practice them daily.
I could go on and on but simply - Amy is a true professional!

Amy doesn't just look for the quick organizational fix...

I have a food and family law practice based in Midtown Manhattan. For myself, running an organized law practice is paramount for peace of mind, business growth, managing a busy law practice and making money.  Amy doesn't just look for the quick organizational fix - she helps you think about your processes to make sure the organization set-up fits your business like a glove.  I highly recommend her for businesses of all types, especially the law practice.

Cari B. Rincker
Rincker Law, PLLC

My office is still unbelievably uncluttered... It's a pleasure to be in my office.

Blane Friest
Share the Sizzle

She doesn't just move stuff around.

"Working with Amy was remarkable.  I've worked with many organizers and she was by far one the smartest and best I've worked with.  She doesn't just move stuff around or ask you to buy containers for no reason.   She actuallly thinks through what works in your home and how you can keep your budget low.  She is also fast and easy to be around.  Amy has made my life easier and I would suggest you run, not walk to work with her"

I no longer waste hours every week looking for files.

“I've had phone consultations with Amy and she gave me valuable, practical advice as to how to better organize my office. Thanks to Amy, I no longer waste hours every week looking for files, papers, or information. And, most important, the tips Amy gave are sustainable. Meaning, I can (and will) use Amy’s procedures over the long-term, ensuring the continuing organization of my office. Thanks Amy!”

Michael B., Attorney

Made my office a more functional and attractive space!

Excellent job Amy. Thank you for the elbow grease, and for making my office a more functional and attractive space!

"I hired Amy to organize my home office because I wanted to maximize the functionality of the work space I utilize when I am away from clients. Amy taught me to visualize this space differently, and the re-organization process made the space even larger. She and I worked together, side by side, during the project. She was punctual, personable and not afraid of hard work. And professional organizing is hard work. Amy has a passion for making people's lives easier- and it is evident in her enthusiasm and professionalism. I would not hesitate to use her services again- and I would recommend her to any busy professional who wants to focus on their work product and increase their efficiency."

Veronica Escobar

Made my day endlessly more efficient.

Amy really helped me get organized. She taught me techniques that I could use to continue to keep an organized office and made my day endlessly more efficient. 

Todd G.

She made the daunting process much easier.

When I was intimidated by all of the boxes ready to be unpacked upon arriving at my new apartment, Amy helped me prioritize and delve into the unpacking process. She showed me how to organize my wardrobe, and she helped me unpack. She made the daunting process much easier and gave me something to build upon.​

Chaya G

I can now find everything.

Organization has never been a priority in my life, so I let things build up over time. Occasionally I get spurts of energy and inspiration to clean & organize a certain area, but keeping an area clean is challenging.

Amy was very quick to come up with ideas to tackle my mess. She made a plan, and we got to work right away. She had tons of ideas for every room in the apartment to make use of our small space. I can now find everything in my closet (which we had originally named the Closet of Doom) quickly and easily.

My desk is a pleasure to look at each morning and I no longer have to rummage through my business bookshelf to find shipping materials when needed.

This has made me more productive.

I thought I was organized before I met Amy; however, she showed me ways to break my old patterns of 'organizing' which were not serving me well at all!

She observed the way I functioned in my environment, helped me restructure the space to make it effortless, and made me realize how good the organizational structure could be with simplified steps. This has made me more productive.

She engenders confidence because of her focused observations. She shows you that she has been listening. She has a keen understanding of visual beauty, proportion and space. My environment is more efficient to work in. I don’t spend unnecessary time looking for things. Visually my space is now more beautiful.

Carol G

Everything Has a "Home"

Amy’s vision allowed our home to be super organized. Things are now clearly labeled and everything has a 'home'. Without her guidance we would still be living in a disorganized mess! Thank you Amy!

Rachel K.